Physical: 100 Quest 4

This quest is a team delegate match. The team delegate match consists of five games, and one delegate from each team enters the game. You much select one delegate from your current team to enter each game. The four contestants entering each game compete against each other, and only one contestant survives, while the others get eliminated.

Click on a contestant to view their profile.

๐Ÿ† = Quest 4 winner

โŒ = Eliminated

The Punishment of Atlas

๏ปฟIn this game, you must hold up a large rock until only one person is left standing.

The Fire of Prometheus

๏ปฟContestants will run through an obstacle course in repetition to obtain a torch. Only the one to take the last torch will survive.

The Wings of Icarus

Contestants must repeat climbing up ropes until only one person is left.

The Tail of Ouroboros

This game is a catch-the-tail game in a circle. The contestants must run to tag the person in front of them in order to eliminate them. Only one person to survive without getting tagged moves on.

The Punishment of Sisyphus

๏ปฟContestants must roll a 100-kilogram boulder up a hill. They must keep pushing the boulder up and down the hill until only one person is left.