Physical: 100 Quest 5

The final quest consists of four games. A contestant is eliminated per game. The five contestants will start in a pentagonal formation and keep competing until it becomes a dot. The final contestant to survive all the games is the the winner of 'Physical: 100'.

Click on a contestant to view their profile.

πŸ† = Game winner

❌ = Eliminated

Game 1: Five-Way Tug-Of-War

Contestants competed connected to one rope. They must secure the key placed in front of them and unlock their padlocks to survive. The one contestant that failed to undo their padlock is eliminated immediately.

Game 2: Square Flip

ο»ΏContestants must quickly flip the square boards on the floor. This game is a two-on-two team game. For five minutes, contestants must flip the black and white squares. Both contestants of the team with more squares facing up survives, and the two contestants of the losing team go head-to-head in a second game to decide who is eliminated.

Game 3: Triangle Shuttle Run

In this game, the contestants run back and forth continuously. When they hear the start signal, they must run fast and touch the next apex, then return to their spot. The contestant who cannot return before the next start signal is eliminated immediately.

Game 4: Infinite Rope-Pulling

The contestants have to continuously pull on a long, heavy rope. Out of the two contestants, the first to grab the other end of the rope wins. The winner can proceed to destroy his opponent's torso. The winner of this game is the overall winner of 'Physical: 100'.